Filking Styles

There was a local house filk yesterday, and as usual I skipped it. While talking with Heather in bed this morning, my avoidance of house filks for most of the last 10 years came up, and I realized I’d never really told anyone what is going on. First off – our local filks tend to […]


My leg is killing me. Now I know that my weight (280 pounds) doesn’t help, but it’s not the main cause. If I stand still for more than 5 minutes my left leg starts aching, and I had to stand for long enough to start things off several times today. Funny thing, if I’m walking, […]

Free Software and the Trading Standard Folk

I just read the most hilarious story about the UK Trading Standards Branch. It appears that some stores in northern England were selling CDs containing Mozilla Firefox. They got in touch with the licensing person at the Mozilla Foundation, and apparently were somewhat less than impressed with the response from the foundation, One of their […]


I’ve had several responses from people about the Wikipedia filk article, including some people that I hadn’t heard from in years, which is good, but we really need more of the community involved (note I haven’t heard from Sherman on how many have contacted him). So come on over, and lend a hand.