Messing around with Jaunty

We have a lot of equipment around here, so finding a computer to play with isn’t a problem. It’s finding a place where there isn’t a computer that’s a problem .

So I installed Jaunty on a 2007 Gateway MX6446 Laptop. It says it’s Vista In-Capable. It came with XP, and ran XP for the first 3 months we had it, when XP decided to stop working. Since we have a tendency to install and uninstall software, this wasn’t really a surprise. Let’s face it – after living with XP since 2001, we know what a piece of crap it is.

Anyway, it did have Ubuntu 7.04 on it, so I decided to do a clean install, backed up the files, and went to it.

1) Total install time was 25 minutes, with only one reboot required.
2) Machine ran as fast with 9.04 as it did with 7.04 subjectively.
3) 9.04 was able to identify and setup the built in wireless (I had to use NDiswrapper with 7.04)

So basically, I have a machine that runs beautifully on a brand new OS, which is over 2 years old. I know that if I tried to install Vista on it, that it would run really slowly. I’ve seen Vista installed on Core 2 Duo machines (this machine has a single core AMD Turion) where it ran like molasses in January.

So what does all this mean?

1) Ubuntu 9.04 is technologically superior to Windows Vista.
2) Ubuntu 7.04 was superior to Windows XP
3) If Windows 7 is just a warmed over Vista, 9.04 will be superior to it as well.
4) Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala will be released before Windows 7, and will be that much further ahead.
5) Microsoft is in deep trouble.

Oh, and I should mention that I removed Mono (took 5 minutes), installed GNote, My Paint, Wine (for Personal Ancestral File – Gramps isn’t quite good enough – yet), Linux Multimedia Studio, VLC, DosEmu (I have a ton of DOS game), Zim, and a bunch of other toys.

Canonical had done a good job with 9.04, I’d recommend it to anyone.

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  1. I haven't seen it myself yet, but I had heard that. I've seen Vista, and seriously felt like getting out to push, it was so slow. I personally think that if Microsoft doesn't get smart quick, that they are in deep trouble.

  2. It has the option to have a XP theme or a Vista theme, or a Operating system 7.

    When you pass the mouse pointer over the icons on the desk top they triple in size, it made me dizzy.

    You click on an icon and go make lunch. When you get back you have to wait for the program to finish starting.

  3. Well, I hated both Vista interface. The XP interface is bland enough that it didn't bother me, but it's pretty crappy compared to Moon OS which is what I use on my home machine, at work it's Windows 2003 Server, which looks like XP. It's nothing special, but it's more stable than XP, possibly as good as Windows 2000.

    I noticed that Vista was pretty slow compared to XP when I was using it. I really don't know what Microsoft was thinking when they designed it. The company just doesn't seem to have good design capabilities, which is stupid, because I know people who work there, and they are damned smart. I personally think that Microsoft's problems are due to management, and if they don't do something soon (get rid of Ballmer at least) management may destroy the company, just like happened to General Motors.

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