Why Windows 7 is Microsoft’s next Zune

Heh. I like reading Roughly Drafted. It’s not that I agree with Daniel’s reasoning all the time (I don’t), but he writes a good, entertaining article. Today he had me rolling on the floor.

In ‘Why Windows 7 is Microsoft’s next Zune’ he gives his reasoning for why he thinks that Windows 7 will be a failure, in his usual witty way. And he has some really good points. Microsoft has been a consistent failure in the consumer market, quite frankly they don’t understand it. Technologically Microsoft is 5-10 years behind Apple’s OSX, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, Moon OS, and Desktop BSD. Neither Bill Gates nor Steve Ballmer has any idea of how to deliver a consumer centric product.

As far as they are concerned, their market is the computer OEMS, and this is where they are wrong. Their market is the consumer. If they don’t produce a product that the consumer wants, the computer OEMS will continue to loose market share to Apple, and to the Linux based netbooks, until they have no market share left. Based on the company’s past performance, I’m convinced that they cannot, and will not do this.

Microsoft is doomed. They won’t die this year, or next year, but unless the company can actually develop a product that consumers are willing to buy, it’s death is assured.

Disclaimer: We have 3 Macs, and 7 PC’s in this house. Only three of the PC’s are running Windows, and they run XP, specifically for World of Warcraft, and we expect to migrate them to Linux in the next 6 months. Our non-Microsoft operating systems are Moon OS, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, OS9, and OSX.

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