A Thin Line

I went to Best Buy today, to look for a Track Pad (the track pad on my laptop is acting up). Of course they tried to sell me a mouse, even though I explained that I usually sit on the couch when using the computer. Heck that’s why I’ve got a laptop.

I was looking at the hard drives after that, when I heard some guy talking to one of the sales reps. They were discussing problems with Vista. The conversation was painful to listen to. The customer finally came out with “Well I guess I can upgrade to Seven when it comes out.” This forced a loud laugh out of me. They both looked at me, and I told them that the obvious answer was to dump Windows. The customer came back with the comment that he couldn’t afford a Mac, so I told him that Ubuntu and Fedora were free downloads, and that if we all dumped Windows, Geek Squad would go out of business. The sales rep had this absolutely horrified look on his face, so I left at this point.

I did some thinking after that. Was I too rough on them? Thinking of all the Windows computers I’ve been asked to fix over the years, that were infested with spyware, virii, trojans, that had registry problems, and all sort of other issues, no. In fact I wasn’t hard enough on them.

A while back, I swore I would no longer fix Windows problems. I would offer to migrate the computer off onto a stable operating system, but if they didn’t want that, they were on their own (or they could pay Geek Squad $100.00 per hour).

So after eating supper, I ran across this article by Helios called The Thin Line Between Victim and Idiot. Helios, you said it better than I could, and I thank you.

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