Criminal Minds

No. I don’t mean the TV show. There are a bunch of jerks who think that they can use Blogs for advertising. Seriously. By paying bloggers. And we know this has already been done – think Microsoft giving out hot laptops.

Now I have nothing against making money. Money is damned useful. But there is no way I would blog for pay, without putting up a big banner letting everyone know I was being paid.

Today I read an article in Business Week about two organizations which were formed in part to address the issue. The Word of Mouth Marketing Association and the The Blog Council. I decided to take a look into them, after all I might want to join. Then I saw the memberships of the two organizations. Not one blogger is listed, all of the soi disant members are CORPORATIONS.

These two organizations, though they pretend to represent bloggers, instead represent a bunch of bottom feeders, who want to take advantage of us.

I’m not one of the big names, so they aren’t likely to approach me. But I do know a couple of bloggers who have been approached. I think that they companies who made the approaches are among the slimiest cretins on the face of the planet, and I guarantee that if someone approaches me, I’ll tell them to go to hell (and then out the bastards – as I said, these guys have Criminal Minds).

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