Microsoft – the idiot’s friend

I usually try to avoid working on Microsoft systems, but every once in a while, I end up helping a friend out, and it end’s up being a totally frustrating experience chasing drivers, cleaning the registry, securing the system, etc. It makes you wonder why even the dumbest redneck from the deep south would bother, never mind a bunch of Canadians from a major cosmopolitan city. Funny that. They’re all scared. Scared of having to buy Macs…

Now when you add up the numbers, that is compare equivalent processor, software, hard drive, etc. between a Mac and a Dell, the Dell is usually cheaper. But the trick is that the Mac doesn’t need anti-virus software, and the Dell does. Assume that you keep both computers for 4 years, and the Mac is cheaper. You want to make the Mac cheaper yet? Rather than buying Microsoft Office for Mac, buy IWork. It’s a lot less expensive, and if this is a home machine, it will do everything you need, a lot faster, and a lot easier than Microsoft Office.

And let’s face it. Mac’s last longer. I have two machines here, that are 8 plus years old, that run fine. One still has the original OS installed, from 2001! You’ll never see a Microsoft OS running with no problems 8 years later. And that’s another saving. I know people who spend $100.00 to $200.00 per year with Geek Squad to keep their Windows box running. Factor that in against zero cost to keep the Mac running, and damn, that Mac is looking really cheap.

Now when you consider that almost all of the advantages of a Mac can be had buy running Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Moon OS, etc. on standard PC hardware (the only disadvantage is that you miss out on the beautifully designed Mac hardware), and not have to pay for any software at all, why don’t you do it?

Terminal stupidity?

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