Smart like a fox or dumb like an ox – Rupert Murdoch

It’s been all over the news, and the blogosphere. Rupert Murdoch plans to put all of his News Corp. assets behind pay walls. Wikipedia describes News Corp as one of the world’s largest media conglomerates. It includes Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Music and radio, Film Studios, Broadcast TV, Satellite TV, Cable TV, Internet sites, and Other assets. This years sales will probably be around $30 Billion US.

The question is – what does he hope to accomplish by doing this? He says that its to increase sales. The problem is that he’s got competition that isn’t going pay. So what does he have to offer that will make his value proposition such that he can compete with free?

We don’t know. We do know that Rupert Murdoch is a very rich man. He didn’t get that way by being stupid. Either he’s got some plan to add value, or he deliberately wants to Chapter 11 all of his businesses that currently are offering free online content.

Time will tell.

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