Citizen 2.0

Interesting article by Andrew Kurjata. Andrew was working on ‘Government 2.0’ (the opening up of government to the citizens). He is now concerned, in that there isn’t a way for ‘Citizen 2.0’ to participate. This happens to be one of my favorite topics, and one that I offered up a solution for.

Is the solution practical? I think so. But I’m not an expert in IP addresses. If there’s someone out there who is, we need some advice. And if there’s a hot PHP/Javascript/Perl/Python programmer who could think of how to set this up, I’d be interested in hearing from you. I think this would be a perfect application to use the Afrero GPL license on.

Note that I would be willing to fund part of this.

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  1. You have linked to the comment using a trackback URL. You need to take trackback/ off the end of it.

    Can ISPs map IP addresses to areas as small as constituencies? If so, they certainly do not do so consistently (even city level IP allocations change over time and are difficult to find out reliably), so you would need to be able to query the ISP to find out where the IP is currently allocated.

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