Novell Moonlight 2.0 Gets Microsoft’s Blessing

Sean Michael Kerner
at Linux Planet has published an article titled Novell Moonlight 2.0 Gets Microsoft’s Blessing. Now I don’t know what he was thinking when he wrote this article – but I get the impression that he thinks that there’s something important about Microsoft and Novell extending “Patent Protection” to all users of Moonlight, Novell’s Silverlight clone.

He would be far better off to ask “Who cares?”

Really. The only major website using Silverlight/Moonlight is, and Linux users have no need to go there anyway. They already have reliable, well patched systems.

Besides, HTML5 makes Silverlight and Flash obsolete. Youtube has already implemented HTML5 Video. Not all browsers fully support it yet, but they all will.

I wonder how much money Microsoft and Novell have wasted on Silverlight/Moonlight?

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