Microsoft – Tax Evader Par Excelence

Microsoft plays a good game, trying to market their company as a responsible corporate citizen. Using the rules to avoid paying taxes by having an office in another state to collect one type of revenue may be legal (I’m not familiar with the local rules). It may not be legal. But avoiding taxes when your home state as a horrible budget deficit is not the act of a responsible corporate citizen.

A New Rant – Microsoft, Ubuntu, Canonical, Novell, and Mono

Yes, Microsoft is trying to use it’s monopoly to force everyone else out of the market. They’ve bought several companies recently who produced products for multiple operating systems, and then proceeded to make them Windows only. So sorry, we don’t make a Unix version anymore… The only problem with this sort of action, is that those customers who used the Unix version now know what Microsoft thinks of their business. Nothing. So they aren’t going to buy more Microsoft product. So there’s no gain for Microsoft here.

Oink.CD – Oink’s Pink Palace Part Two

This is the second, of a long series of posts about OINK.CD, the music file sharing site run by Alan Ellis, and Alan’s acquittal on charges of Conspiracy to Defraud. My apologies for the delay – I have been trying to obtain information on the case, and while I have obtained some of what I need, I’m still working on getting more.

If you have any documentary information on this case, please contact me. I am especially interested in statements made by the BPI, Police, and other agencies that were involved. I also would like to get copies of the Court Transcripts, and of the Search Warrant that was used.

Should Stephen Harper be Considered a Traitor?

This is a really messy question. Specifically the question came up in regards to the Harper government’s Climate Change policies, or lack thereof. Is an action that damages the country and the citizens of the country, treason? Technically no. If you check the definition of treason in the Criminal Code of Canada, the definition of […]