The Real Purpose of ACTA – Part Deux

OK, so most of you got the joke. Much to my surprise, some didn’t, and there were some articles referencing my original article who seemed to have taken it very seriously. OK folks – it was a joke. Sort of. Some of it actually was true. My wife did go to England, and she looks much like I described her. But 99% of it was the product of my demented mind. Heck, I even left out the craziest part of how it all had to be done before Sarah Palin was elected President, so it would block her from implementing her policies.

In that article I was trying to make a point. At present, no one can prove that what I wrote is a joke. It could have been real. But because of the secrecy involved with ACTA, there is no documentation to prove that I was lying. None.

So I wrote up a something that would have most conspiracy theorists drooling. And even now, you’ve only got my word that it’s a lie. After all, it could be that Barry Sookman has paid me off <GRIN>.

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  1. Hello Wayne,

    Well, your previous post made sense to me.

    We see on one of the Groklaw news picks that there has been a leak of who does and who does not support transparency on ACTA. It appears I need to contact my congress critters.

    It sounds like you have a beagle that thinks it is a lap dog. If it thinks you should just sit back and watch hockey, it probably has a very good reason for thinking so, and you should take his advice.


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