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And I’ve had a lot of help in putting together this documentation. I would like to thank Mihaly Ficsor, Barry Sookman, James Gannon, Richard Owens, Michael Geist, Howard Knopf, Sam Trosow, Corey Doctorow, and Nina Paley, all of who have provided information that I’ve used – and no, I’m not being sarcastic. Those who wrote in opposition helped tremendously to show me what all of the issues are.

Canadian Copyright Consultation Opposed By A Little Known Canadian Lawyer Richard Owens

I want to take another look at Richard Owens ‘Noises Heard: Canada’s Recent Online Copyright Consultation Process.’ Specifically I want to look at one statement, where Richard says ‘For instance, 70% of the total submissions were “form letters” originating from a single little-known group of modchip distributors – the Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights (CCER) […]

Why Is Michael Geist In Favour Of Digital Rights Management/Technical Protection Measures?

The Apple IPad. The Amazon Kindle. The Microsoft XBox360. The Nintendo Wii. The Sony PS3. Blue Ray Players. All of these default to ‘DRM ON’ even if the author doesn’t want it. All of them push DRM at authors. None of them give the choice that the WIPO Treaty was supposed to provide. None of them are legal under the plain language of the treaty.

What Did The Three Amigos Tender To The Canadian Copyright Consultation?

For those who missed the start of this, the Three Amigos in the title are Barry Sookman, James Gannon, and Richard Owens. Any evaluation of the Canadian discussion about Copyright Law has to take into account the 8300 submissions that the government received during the Copyright Consultation. Some people, like Richard Owens are unhappy that […]

The Follow Up Letter I Used For ‘This Ain’t No Popularity Contest – It’s Politics’, Copies Were Sent To The Government

Below is a copy of the email that I sent to cover my follow up article ‘This Ain’t No Popularity Contest – It’s Politics.’ Again I mentioned my concerns, and asked for a response. The email was sent April 21st in the evening, it’s now April 24th in the afternoon, and I still have had no […]

The Cover Letter I Used For My Request For Disclosure – Copies Were Sent To The Government

Below is a copy of the email that I sent to the people who’s allegiances I was questioning, explaining my concerns, and asking for a response. The email was sent April 20th in the evening, it’s now April 23rd in the evening, and I still have had no response from the three people who haven’t […]

Microsoft Windows – Disaster Movie At Eleven!

My friend and sometime sparring partner, Goblin, has a good article on the latest disaster to hit Microsoft Windows titled ‘Windows under attack on two fronts? Even more problems ahead?‘, in which he covers the issues with his usual verve. Me, I’m going to go at it from a different direction. A while back I […]

This Ain’t No Popularity Contest – It’s Politics

The real targets of the article were Richard Owens, Barry Sookman, and James Gannon. Curiously while almost everyone else responded, some more politely than others, none of those three did. I know that two of them were in their office today, and since my emails were sent to their work email addresses, they received them, and decided to ignore them. Or possibly they are discussing their response with their principles. That’s up to them – Barry has my mobile number if he wants to talk, and all three have my email address, and they know where my website is. What they decide to do is up to them.

A Call For Disclosure – Who Do The Professionals Represent And Why Are They Hiding The Connection?

OK Richard – I’m calling you on this. I don’t think your opinion matters, because I believe you are representing an organization who has a vested interest in copyright law, and YOU HAVE NOT DISCLOSED THIS. I invite you, and the other professionals listed below to swear an affidavit stating who you are representing. If you do not do this, the only conclusion I can draw is that you are ashamed to declare your allegiance, and I will so write to the minister, and I will do that same for all of the others on this list.