James Gannon – Is He Responding To His Master’s Voice?

James Gannon of McCarthy Tétrault has written a blog post titled ‘Top 5 Myths About the New Copyright Bill and Digital Locks‘ in which he makes a variety of claims. His claims aren’t anything new, nor are they at all accurate, but I’m not going to dissect them right now. Instead let’s look at another […]

James Gannon – Is He Responding To His Master’s Voice?

Who exactly is James Gannon representing? He claims, as does Barry Sookman, that what he publishes in his blog is his own opinion. But is it really? Your life experiences, including work are part of what colors your opinions. We know that he’s a lawyer. We don’t know who his clients are – and those clients and their interests will have had an effect on his opinions. But he refuses to say who they are.

Word on the street is that his firm works for RIAA and MPAA member companies. This may or may not be true. I don’t know.

What I do know, and have documentation that proves it, is that his company has represented Rogers Communications in the past. They may still represent Rogers. If so, this could leave McCarthy Tétrault in conflict, as I’m certain that the interests of Rogers Communications would not be those of the entertainment industry distributors, but this may explain some of the more curious posts that both he and Sookman have made.

Night Owl BBS CD Rom Collection – Does Anyone Still Have It?

Folks, I’ve got a problem – I need access too a complete copy of the Nighthawk BBS CD Rom Collection. I used to have a partial set, which I am digging for (but I think they may be lost). Does anyone still have a copy? Please contact me if you do.
This would really help! You’d have my eternal gratitude for at least the next fifteen minutes [GRIN]. And no, this is not a paying gig, I’m doing this for a friend.

Major Loss For Microsoft – Google Bans Microsoft Windows

But this isn’t just a fashion statement – it’s a lot more serious – we are talking about security concerns. Google got hacked, and apparently the vector was Microsoft Windows. Google thinks that and abandoning Windows for other operating systems is their best option. But where does this leave the Canadian Government? While their servers run Solaris, the Canadian Government is heavily reliant on Microsoft Windows as a desktop computer operating system, which leaves them open to the same sort of attacks that gave Google so much trouble. This means that Canadians are exposed to data breaches through hacking (and this may be why BILL C-29 – An Act to amend the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is so toothless). Americans are in the same position, the United States Government is heavily dependent on Microsoft Windows, as are many other governments like the United Kingdom and Ireland.