Microsoft Death Watch Continued – Windows As An Orphan Product

Late last night I noticed that Good Bye Microsoft had picked up on my original Microsoft Death Watch article, and wrote up his own take on the situation. I went to reply to him, to give him some more information, but he doesn’t allow comments. So I’m going to answer him here.

Stephen Harper And Michael Ignatief – The Men With The Most To Lose In The Next Election

Being the Prime Minister of Canada is a thankless task. Being Prime Minister of Canada with a minority government is worse. There are huge pressures on Stephen Harper. Many of these pressures come from his apparent inability to win a majority government. His problem is that his chance of ever winning a majority government is […]

Microsoft Death Watch – Confirmation From Dave Newman

I don’t know Dave Newman. I’d never even heard his name until a couple of minutes ago, when someone over at Groklaw linked to a blog posting of his titled Leaving .Net. I stopped programming using Microsoft tools about ten-fifteen years ago. This means that I’m really out of touch with what Microsoft is doing […]

Mageia – A New Linux Distribution – Fork Of Mandriva/Mandrake

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Mandriva/Mandrake for a long time. It was always one of the best distributions. Period. But it was also one of the worst. The big problem with Mandriva, and Mandrake before was that it was it served a corporate agenda. The corporation wanted to make money. There’s nothing wrong with […]

An Explanation Of My Views On Copyright Part Four – The Sky Is Falling

Right now in Canada (and in other places worldwide) we are seeing the Chicken Little School Of Copyright Law attempting to take over the copyright debate. Various people are viewing with alarm every single technological innovation that has occurred in the last two hundred years, and screaming that it is going to kill their business.

In Defense of Software Patents – Part 2 – With Commentary On Why Martin Goetz Is Wrong

It was with some amusement that I read Martin Goetz’s ‘In Defense of Software Patents – Part 2‘. I was even more amused when the post was apparently pulled from Patently O. Curiously there’s no statement as to why it was pulled. It just disappeared. Unfortunately for them, I kept a copy. I don’t agree […]

Tea Party Suicide – Why Closing The United States Environmental Protection Agency Is Part Of The Platform

Fake grass roots campaigns have a nasty habit of back firing. Take the Tea Party’s support for closing the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has been responsible for cleaning up some truly horrible pollution. Have you ever heard of the Iron Mountain Mine? Runoff from the Iron Mountain Mine, which included a variety of acids and poisons, did tremendous damage to the Sacramento River, damage that the river may never recover from. The runoff also damaged the health of all of the communities downstream. Then there is the damaged caused by lead anti-knock additives in gasoline. Or the infamous Love Canal, where ‘A survey conducted by the Love Canal Homeowners Association found that 56% of the children born from 1974-1978 had at least one birth defect.’

Long Gun Registry Redux – Lead Is The Answer

Still the original reason for the Long Gun Registry was to cut firearm deaths. At the time the bill was written, the scientific understanding of how lead poisoning caused cognitive impairment wasn’t as well researched as it is now. In other words, the drop in the number of murders per year is less likely to have been because of the Long Gun Registry than it is because of the lowered exposure to lead.