The Intellectual Property Bubble – The Next Danger To The World Economy?

Do companies no longer compete on price and features? Is it all about competing with competitors in the courtroom rather than the marketplace? Is this an economic model economists understand? Do patent trolls contribute anything to the well being of anyone but themselves? Does Paul Allen suffer if someone copies one of ‘his’ ideas?

Microsoft Death Watch – Libre Office Drives Another Nail Into The Coffin

In the earlier articles in this series, Microsoft Death Watch and Microsoft Death Watch – Confirmation From Dave, one of the main points that I mentioned is that most of Microsoft’s profits come from what they call their ‘Microsoft Business Division.’ Microsoft Business Division includes several products, the most important of which is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Death Watch – The Mainstream Media Notices the Problem

Last year when I predicted that Microsoft had five years until they’d have to apply for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, there was a lot of laughter. I was told that I was crazy – a point that I won’t argue. Being crazy means that you see things in a different light. And then we have […]

Response to Janis Nixon re the Hamilton Spectator interview

Let’s address those issues one at a time. Janis says that piracy is to blame. Technically piracy is an act committed on the high seas which involves capturing another ship, often involving the death of the crew. What Janis is actually complaining about is copyright infringement, which is a totally different thing. Copyright infringement is the copying of a work by someone who hasn’t a legal right to copy it, according to the law of the nation that the act takes place in. So piracy isn’t an issue, except that the term is sometimes used incorrectly to mean copyright infringement. If you don’t believe me, ask a lawyer.

Intellectual Property Primer – Part One – Trademarks

This is the first of a series of posts on what ‘Intellectual Property’ or ‘IP’ is, and what purpose the concept serves. The series was inspired by the realization that the vast majority of the people currently discussing Intellectual Property Issues on the internet have very little knowledge of the subjects they are discussing, or have specialized knowledge of a particular sub-section, and are trying to generalize their specialized knowledge in ways that are inappropriate.