Julian Fantino – The Worst Political Candidate The Conservatives Could Have Found – Part One

A week ago I had no idea I would be writing about Julian Fantino today. The man is fairly well known, over the years he has held positions as head of the Toronto Police Service, and head of the Ontario Provincial Police. If you haven’t heard his name, you’ve probably spent most of the last […]

Rob Ford – Show Your Respect For Taxpayers By Firing These Police Officers

Rob Ford ran a campaign for Mayor of Toronto based on the concept of respect for taxpayers. Now he’s mayor-elect, taking office in December. Is Rob Ford really going to show respect for taxpayers, or was it all a sham just to get elected? Now admittedly Rob Ford’s campaign was about financial respect. He has […]

Evidence Based Legislation – Why The CRIA Doesn’t Want To Consider It

I have very little use for the American system of government, but there are times that even they manage to get things right. Take the Government Accounting Office for example. One of it’s functions is to evaluate legislation, and report on costs and benefits. Which it does, and amazingly enough it often contradicts the President, the House of Representatives, The Senate, and the political parties. It is probably the most valuable part of the American government, and I know that too few Americans know of the good work it does for them. It helps the U.S. Congress develop Evidence Based Legislation, at least when Congress pays attention to the GAO.

It’s too bad that we don’t have something like it in Canada.

Is There Some Reason That Barry Sookman Refuses To Quote The WIPO Treaty?

In his article Separating copyright fiction from facts about C-32’s TPM provisions, Barry Sookman once again avoids the issue. Curiously, the target of his tirade, Michael Geist also avoids the issue.

As I pointed out earlier this month in my article The TPM Provisions in Bill C-32 Are Not In Compliance With The WIPO Internet Treaties, neither of them seems willing to actually quote the clear wording of the treaty. Mihaly Ficsor, who worked on the treaty, never gets around to quoting it either, even when I blasted back at him three times (here, here, and here).

Apple – The Competent Danger to Free Software – Part Two

The problem that everyone ignores, is that if you are a musician, you haven’t really got a lot of choice. Apple’s products are the best available for musicians. Sure, there’s some software available for the Windows platform, but really it’s not all that good. There’s some software available for Linux too, but it’s limited.

Hardware wise, Apple is a mile ahead. Almost all Macs have Firewire ports, which are a must for recording. IPhones, IPods, and IPads have a wide range of add-ons that are just incredible.

True Or False? The Latest Stat: Less Than 30,000 Artists Are Actually Earning a Living

Digital Music News published and article titled The Latest Stat: Less Than 30,000 Artists Are Actually Earning a Living… which has been causing a lot of excitement. The problem is, that the people discussing the article don’t appear to have actually read it, or if they did read it, they did so while asleep, because they’ve managed to get everything wrong. Let’s take a look at what was actually written, and what it really means.

Conor Lenihan, Irish Politician Admits That He Is Bought And Paid For

My friends and suppliers of campaign fund donations asked me to help them. After Mr. Justice Charleton’s made his unfortunate decision, I tried to use my position to force the Internet Service Providers and the Telecommunications Companies to help my friends. They refused to accept the path my friends had suggested.

We are not French, and we are definitely not those damnable British. So I’m going to do the Irish thing and threaten the Internet Service Providers. If they cannot come up with a plan that my friends like, I will use my power as Minister to introduce legislation that will force them to do so. I have tried my best to help my friends, and anyone who get’s in my friend’s way shall pay the price.

If Apple Releases An App Store For Windows, It Can Only Be To Kill Microsoft

PS: Note that I’ve mostly left Linux out of this article. Microsoft also has to kill Linux. Oh, and I’ve mostly left Solaris out of this article. Microsoft has to kill Solaris too. And BSD. And ReactOS. And Blackberry OS. And Symbian. To quote Ambassador Londo Mollari, played to perfection by Peter Jurasik in the Television Series Babylon 5:

Only an idiot would fight a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts.

Have fun Microsoft.

Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0008 – Agence France-Presse

It seems that it’s always the largest media companies that try to steal from the little guy. In this particular case, the little guy actually had a lawyer, and that apparently panicked the thief in question, since they’ve sued him.

Yes, that’s right. Not only did Agence France-Presse use Daniel Morel’s photographs of the devastation caused by the Haiti earthquake without his permission, it even sued him because his lawyer talked about it.