Microsoft Death Watch – 10Q Partial Update

Microsoft has filed their most recent 10Q with the Securities and Exchange Commission, you can read it here. Due to a variety of things happening, I’m running a bit behind on the spreadsheet with the numbers, however there’s a couple of things that are easily noticeable. Revenue is up 4.7% over three months, which is […]

CRTC Ruling In Favor of Usage Based Billing May Kill Bell And Rogers

I don’t think that the Government realizes exactly how much trouble the recent Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decision is going to cause. I don’t think that the CRTC understood what they were doing. And I don’t think that Bell and Rogers realize how badly this is going to backfire on them.

Bandwagon Jumping In Ottawa – Former Tunisian Regime Not Welcome In Canada

I’m a cynical old bastard at the best of times, so Prime Minister Harper’s recent announcement that: Canada will use all tools at its disposal to co-operate with the international community in dealing with members of the former regime. They are not welcome, let me be very clear, we do not welcome them in our […]

Nigerian Scam Version 99.5 – Pretend To Be The FBI

I love reading the more creative spam. Some of it’s absolutely hilarious. A long time ago, when UseNet was more active, I used to take part in a NewsGroup dedicated to making fun of spam, and spammers. We put together some truly funny stuff. My favorite wasn’t actually spam – a researcher who was doing […]