Microsoft Genuine Disadvantage Strikes Again

OK, so I got suckered into helping someone fix their computer. My son asked me, nicely, to help him. His friend had gotten virussed, and the computer wouldn’t boot. When I asked him why run Windows, it was the usual answer. World of Warcraft.

Mike’s pretty good with computers. He’s twenty-three years old. He has never lived in a house without at least one working computer. He’s installed every version of Windows from 3.0 on up to Windows 7 at least once.

But he’s not as good as the old man. So my promise to never touch another damned machine running Windows, ever again, goes out the Windows.

Actually he’d gotten everything right, which is exactly what I’d expected. There was only one problem. Microsoft uses poor quality stickers. They deteriorate because of CPU heat. They deteriorate because of sunlight. They deteriorate because of anything.

So he couldn’t read the CD Key. I couldn’t either. I tried keying it in a half dozen times, and every time Windows Genuine Disadvantage told me I’d gotten it wrong.

So, I called their 888 number.

Now at no time did anyone from Microsoft do anything other than their best. I have no complaints about Microsoft staff. They went out of their way to help.


How is it to my advantage to waste close to two hours on the phone trying to get Windows activated?

OK, I helped Mike out this time. But all it did was strengthen my resolve never to use Windows. Ever again.


Wayne Borean

Monday January 10, 2011

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