Writers Needed To Post Left, Right, Center, and Offside Comments to Blogs and Social Media

We are not a social media company, are not working for a political organization, have not been hired to help address any balance in the major media outlets. Instead we are a group of Independents who believe that the best way to advance political discourse in Canada is to on a non-partisan basis point out […]

Quilt Donation To The FilKONtario 21 Silent Auction

Full size image here. My wife, the Proprietor of Moments in Time – Quilted by Heather is donating a music themed quilt to the Silent Auction being held on the Saturday night after the Banquet at FilKONtario (see the wikipedia page here for an explanation of FilKONtario, and also for an explanation of FILK). Disclosure […]

Book of Honor – Urbema – Republished on Weblit.ca – Because of Drupal Problems

OK, I messed up. When I originally set up Weblit Canada, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know about Drupal, the content management system that I chose. Drupal is a powerful, flexible, option filled piece of software. In fact it’s got options on it’s options. To a new user, well, this can […]