Farm Equipment Book – The Videos

One of my long-term projects is a book on antique farm equipment. The book is to lean heavily on images, and I’ve visited several shows with my professional photographer daughter to get as many images as we can, both still and video. Here’s some of the videos that we took at one recent show in Markham Ontario, just five miles from our house.

Video Number 1


Video Number 2


Video Number 3


Video Number 4


Video Number 5


Video Number 6


I’ll post the still pictures on the weekend.


Wayne Borean

Friday September 9, 2011


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  1. This is a wonderful, project, Wayne.  I’m mostly posting here, though, with belated but heartfelt sympathies on losing Sam.  My heart squeezed to see what happened. I was looking through the posts to find his name as I wanted to say how cute he is. My 13 yr. old JRT has similar coloring.  I am so sorry. All dog people will share your sorrow. I sure do.         

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