A Primer for Law Enforcement: How To Tell if Someone is a Member of Anonymous

Guy Fawkes Mask
Guy Fawkes Mask

It has been hilarious watching Law Enforcement and the Mainstream Media trying to get a handle on Anonymous. After watching both demonstrate that The Peter Principle is alive and well, most especially Law Enforcement, which seems dedicated to out Pythoning Monty Python.

As a public-spirited citizen, I’ve decided to help them out. There’s a set of  fairly simple indicators to help decide if the target of Law Enforcement might be a member of Anonymous. Use of this list can help Law Enforcement Personal prioritize their resources in the fight against Anonymous.

While the list is extensive, it is by no means complete. It does however offer a means to make an immediate decision.

  1. Person has carried out a DDOS attack
  2. Person has a copy of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon Software
  3. Person has ever spent time in Anonymous IRC
  4. Person has ever spent time editing Encyclopedia Dramatica
  5. Person has ever spent time in /b on 4Chan
  6. Person has more than one computer
  7. Person owns a smart phone and/or tablet computer
  8. Person owns more than one mobile phone
  9. Person owns more than one firearm
  10. Person has been involved in a real life protest(s)
  11. Person has an unusual interest in Law Enforcement
  12. Person has an unusual interest in Politics
  13. Person has an unusual interest in the Military
  14. Person is involved politically
  15. Person writes letters to the editor
  16. Person writes comments to online articles
  17. Person has a post-secondary education
  18. Person makes disparaging comments about the Government
  19. Person is opposed to Firearms registry legislation
  20. Person has an interest in Freedom of Speech issues
  21. Person has an interest in Freedom of Religion issues
  22. Person has an interest in Prevention of damage to the Ecosystem
  23. Person has an interest in Control of Money in Political Campaigns
  24. Person has in interest in Political Corruption
  25. Person has ever taken part in an on-line protest, like the web site blank outs protesting the American SOPA legislation
  26. Person advocates for registering Firearms
  27. Person uses Social Media Sites for communications
  28. Person shows no respect for authority figures
  29. Person is artistic (i.e. writer, singer/songwriter) and their publishers
  30. Person creates platform(s) for communications
  31. Person uses any form(s) of Intellectual Property Law

As I’ve said, the above list is hardly complete, but it should help Law Enforcement in their fight against Anonymous.


Wayne Borean

Thursday February 9, 2012

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  1. Hi sorry this is off topic but i was woundering if u still had any of your old Tradewars add0ons still and reg keys for them. if u still have the sorce files that would be nice to i was going to upload the sorce files to JP for the new ver of Tradewars with botlink.. If u have any of your tw scripts that would be cool to.. Thanks from The TradeWars Dominion. u can email me at ThorsHammer.jk@gmail.com TY

    1. Yes, I still have that. I have never released the source code for legal reasons. I have been meaning to try to clear those up, but just haven’t had the time.

      I’ll see what I can do.

      I am looking at a new project, just for the fun of it. The problem has been finding a Free Software Programming Language that is suitable for teaching people how to make their own modifications. I think I may have finally stumbled upon something that will work, and if I have, I’ll be posting here and on Classic Tradewars.

      Of course I’ll need someone who is running a server who’ll give me full VNC access…


  2. i am Hoping that i will have my server up in the near future running the new Tradewars TWGS just updated last month and have a old ver2 running with add-ons i have fund or had stored. is thare a way i could get the last ver of your software add-ons for TWv2 or v3 if you have any. and reg codes to go with please BBS name is “The TradeWars Dominion” sysop name can be ThorsHammer or Homer my old bbs was Homers BBS .. but after i get the server all up and running would be happy to set up a vnc server for ya .. you can email me at ThorsHammer.jk@gmail.com or homer29@charter.net … I know JP is working on something called botlink witch would let other ppl write add-ons for the game it might be a good idea for you u two to chat it up .. the add-ons u made whare top notch and i t be cool to see some of them in the new twgs… a long time ago i bought SWATH and loved it but now i have a XOOM tab and been trying to find some one to port SWATH over to androide os but no luck i even offerd the ppl at SWATH some cash to rewrite it i got no replay to that tho figed i menchen it to u . it would be cool to be able to play from my phone or tab.. well thanks again hope to hear back

    1. The only stuff that needed Reg Codes was for Version 1.00 through Version 1.03D of Trade Wars 2002. All of the stuff I wrote for later versions was in a huge file dump including every TW file I could find that I gave to Eliq’Trizt quite a few years ago. I gave a copy of the archive to JP not long ago.

      Now whether they have it up for download, I don’t know. I’ve stopped playing myself, I just like hacking the game.

      Let me know if they don’t, I can set up a download page here. None of the files are very big.


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