The Real Reason for Bill C-11/ACTA/SOPA/PIPA


One of the major complaints from the Motion Picture Association of America has been how can you budget a high-priced thriller, if you can’t charge huge amounts of money for tickets? They keep asking this question, even though they know the answer. Make less expensive movies.

The folks who made Iron Sky spent only 7.5 million Euros on it. Watch the trailer. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Compare it to these other movies, some of which had smaller, and some far larger budgets.

The MPAA doesn’t like competition. The MPAA companies are mostly distributors. Energia doesn’t have to use them for distribution. They can cut their own deals, do things their own way. And that terrifies the MPAA. That’s why the push for the ability to shut down websites. So they can prevent competition from forming.


Wayne Borean

Monday February 13, 2012

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