The Revolution Began in 1969…

It’s rather amazing how many Americans freak out about Marxists, and spend huge amounts of time thinking about Marxist plans for a revolution. What they don’t realize is that the revolution began in 1969, is still ongoing, and that it wasn’t the Marxists, or any of the other ‘ists’ who started it, and it won’t […]

Oh the Horror

Fired off another horror story to the editor last night. I’m rather happy with this one. It’s a historical horror story, and has some interesting background pieces, being set near where I live in Northern Ontario. I know the area well, and I know the local people and cultures. It was a lot of fun […]

Microsoft Death Watch – Office for Linux Rumour Debunked?

Steven J. Vaughan Nichols (SJVN) has debunked the Office for Linux rumor. He is one of the better reporters covering Linux, with a solid technical background that most just don’t have. What he doesn’t have is an understanding of the numbers, and I think he’s missing a couple of salient points.