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Me & Kleopatra
Me & Kleopatra

I’ve been talking to a variety of companies about web hosting. My needs are a bit odd, because in effect I want to become my own web hosting company.

Seriously. I’ve got friends who’ve been screwed over by the big boys, who don’t understand the specific needs of writers and musicians. I do. I also will not be hosting in the United States, so I can avoid the joke called the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

Instead of Notice and Takedown, Canada operates on a Notice and Notice regime. You think there’s a copyright infringement, you send a notice. I pass it on to the specific account, they check, and if they disagree, they send a notice back to you.

This cuts out such silliness as Microsoft getting a copy of Open Office pulled as Copyright Infringement. Yes, it happened. Microsoft reversed course as soon as they realized a mistake had been made, but it happened. Then there’s the case where a major record label decided that it owned the copyright to bird song…

There are also privacy concerns involved when hosting in the United States. Canadian privacy laws are stronger. So, I’ve pulled the trigger, made the payment, and some sites will be coming online early next week.


Wayne Borean

Friday May 10, 2013

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