The Greens are set to win the 2015 Federal Election

Green Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada from their website

Yes, the Green Party of Canada will win the 2015 Federal Election. How do I know? The Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic Parties told me.


I get emails from all of the parties. It’s how I keep track of what they different parties think is important, and where they intend to go. They sort of thing you need to know if you want to write about them.

And over the last year, the Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats have consistently said they aren’t going to win the next election. Since the Bloc Quebecois only runs candidates in Quebec, that leaves the Greens as the party in power.

At this point I suspect a lot of people are wondering where I got these emails. Simple. They are the emails that the major parties send out to possible supporters, asking for donations. Begging emails.

And yes, they really do read like the parties are going to loose. That’s how they try to scare you into making donations.

The problem is, the begging emails from all three parties are terrible. I spent a large part of my working life in Sales and Marketing. I know a fair bit about the subject, and these emails stink.

That they stink so badly, and in the same way, makes me wonder whether or not all three parties have hired the same Public Relations firm. Possible, if unlikely.

It doesn’t really matter how come the emails look the same. All three parties are producing emails that do the parties NO GOOD AT ALL. In fact they make the parties look like they are run by amateurs (which is also possible…)

I’ve sent emails to people I know in Ottawa at all three parties. Unfortunately most of my connections are political, members of Parliament, not party workers, and the MPs don’t see the problem. Of course none of them have ever worked sales before, so that isn’t surprising.

So, I’ve decided to drop this right in the open, like a rotten fish, and see if it gets any attention.

No, I don’t think the Greens will win the next election. I do expect Elizabeth May to retain her seat, and the Greens to possibly win 1 or 2 more seats. I’ll be posting an article explaining my reasoning  for that, and my current projections for the other parties, some time in the next week.


Wayne Borean

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