Sha’Daa Facets

ShaDaa Facets
ShaDaa Facets

Sha’Daa Facets is now on sale. It includes a story by yours truly that was an absolute joy to write. The publisher’s blurb says:

Over a century ago evil crossed the barriers of reality and entered our world. Dispersing itself across the Earth among an eclectic array of jewelry and microcircuits, this darkness has interacted with much of the most heinous and atrocious acts committed on our planet to date. But now, after decades of secrecy, the truth of this covert and eldritch intrusion has now been exposed to the light of day. In an epic that spans oceans, continents, and dimensions, the personal accounts of those who have come face to face with the unimaginable are now released for your reading pleasure. SHA’DAA FACETS offers up 24 frightening and macabre tales of the past and present, penned by some of today’s most imaginative authors.

Buy lots of copies so I get rich!


Wayne Borean

Sunday April 26, 2015


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