The Deconstruction of Jordan Peterson

There are a lot of Jordan Peterson fans. Very vocal Jordan Peterson fans. Some of you may be a bit upset with me over what I’m going to write. Hang into the end, and criticize my failings in the comments.

Who is Jordon Peterson

Yes, I know if you are reading this, you probably already know who Jordan Peterson is at least vaguely. He’s a Clinical Psychiatrist, and a professor of Psychology.

His Claim to Fame

His claim to fame is his book 12 Rules for Life. I haven’t read the book, and don’t intend to (one of the problems with being disabled is a lack of money for books). I have read a lot of the comments on Amazon, checked the Wikipedia page, and read what Amazon would let me read.
Peterson appears to have gathered a bunch of things, rolled them into one book, and then marketed the heck out of it. A lot of writers do that. It doesn’t make them original thinkers!

The Critique

Oh, what a rabbit hole I’ve crawled down. I’ve been laughing myself silly over this. For once, the Far Right and the Far Left agree on something. Both sides think he’s an idiot. The fury Peterson begets is hilarious. People either love him or hate him, and I’ve read some fascinating articles for and against.

And everyone is missing the obvious. Peterson is a scam artist. It’s all about the money honey.

Peterson has this wonderful list of things that will make people better. He’s so entranced by these things that he is getting interviewed by every paper in print. Telling everyone about his momentous work is very important to the world in his opinion.

But if it really was that important, he’d want EVERYONE to have access to it. Think about this hard. If his theories would make the world a place he’d want to live in, he’d be giving away copies. Considering the price his books go for, that isn’t his aim.

It’s all about money.

There’s nothing wrong with making money. I love having money. Most people do. You can do so many useful things with it.

I call Peterson a scam artist because he’s out there promoting his wonderful book, which is so hugely important he thinks everyone should read it. And he’s doing it for the cash. Not to make people’s lives better. Just for the cash.

I know a lot of folks who will disagree with this. You can tell me what an idiot I am in the comments. I don’t delete comments unless they are off-topic. Warning — I argue back.

Then there’s issues with what he wrote…

I’m putting in a shout out to Denis Rancourt of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association. Denis has read Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life and wrote about it. Denis and I have sparred over issues in the past, but while I question some of his value judgements, he is a good solid reporter of facts. I’m using Denis’ write up because I trust him for accuracy.

The first point of issue is Peterson’s concept of a Dominance Hierarchy. It’s obvious that Peterson has not kept up with the research on Authoritarianism, and Authoritarian Followers (PDF Warning). Dominance Hierarchies only matter to Authoritarians and Authoritarian Followers. Hold that thought for a minute, I’ll be coming back to it.

Second is that Peterson has no ‘medical’ credentials. He may be a wonderful psychiatrist, but his understanding of the human body seems very limited. Take Serotonin. Denis quoted part of Peterson’s book, and I’m quoting a part of that part.

Consider serotonin, the chemical that governs posture and escape in the lobster. Low-ranking lobsters produce comparatively low levels of serotonin. This is also true of low-ranking human beings (and those low levels decrease more with each defeat). Low serotonin means decreased confidence. Low serotonin means more response to stress and costlier physical preparedness for emergency—as anything whatsoever may happen, at any time, at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy (and rarely something good). Low serotonin means less happiness, more pain and anxiety, more illness, and a shorter lifespan—among humans, just as among crustaceans. Higher spots in the dominance hierarchy, and the higher serotonin levels typical of those who inhabit them, are characterized by less illness, misery and death, even when factors such as absolute income—or number of decaying food scraps are held constant. The importance of this can hardly be overstated.

Peterson is dead wrong. High levels of serotonin cause social phobia. Serotonin levels are controlled by a special protein. Those with high amounts of this protein in winter tend to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which no amount of standing up straight will cure. Peterson’s lack of medical credentials has bit him here.

If you are interested in Serotonin, there’s a lot of research that has been done.

What does it mean?

Peterson is selling a New Age version of Old Age ideas. The ideas aren’t new, or even unusual. Nor is the science behind them correct.
Peterson is however making lots of money on this. His book is a bestseller.

Note the 83% Five Star rating. Looks just a little odd. That’s because Peterson’s followers, are Authoritarian Followers. They’ve elevated Peterson to the position of their Authority, and they’ve rated his book that way. Peterson absolutely loves that. Hey, he should! It’s making him a lot of money.

He also loves his fans. Peterson has created a Dominance Hierarchy with him at the top. What’s not to love about this for an Authoritarian? He gets to lead, they get to follow. Both get something out of it, though it isn’t what Peterson says it is.

Why am I beating up on Peterson? Because I like the truth. Peterson is lying to his readers. Too bad that they are unlikely to realize that.


Wayne Borean
Saturday June 9, 2018


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  1. Honestly I thought it was a poorly written book. I set it down and never picked it up again. That says a lot, right there. I'm an author myself, I write for a living and do fairly well at it, so I was especially disappointed at how poorly the book was written, when the man does such nice lectures.
    I may pick the book up again at some point, to see if it really has anything to offer, but I suspect it doesn't. Self help books are supposed to be compelling, not a slog.

  2. I’ve read a number of self help books, and found none of them compelling. I’m a cynical old bastardthoigh, so my dislike of the genre isn’t surprising.

  3. Just as a minor nitpick, Peterson isn't a psychiatrist as you identified him, he's a psychologist. The difference is that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD or DO) who specializes in the mind. A psychologist has training and experience in the mind but lacks the medical training a psychiatrist has. Which explains Peterson's incorrect belief about serotonin.

    1. I take exception to your diminishing of the requirements to become a psychologist. A psychologist must successfully complete a master’s degree (6 years of university) and do two more years studying to earn a master’s degree majoring in psychology all the way. Then complete a PhD in psychology. Psychology courses contain complex biological and chemical content so it isn’t correct to state that they don’t understand serotonin etc. One big difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that psychiatrists a licensed to prescribe medications while psychologists are not.

    2. Then he should have done some basic research, freely available to all outside the medical world as well as those within it. You do not need a credential to conduct thorough research, and comprehend the need for critical thinking and analysis.

  4. Peterson isn’t at the top of the dominance hierarchy he created. He’s at the top of the dominance hierarchy he chose to climb slowly, steadily, then exponentially, over the past 40 to 50 years.

    1. Peterson created his own dominance hierarchy through his books, lectures, etc. He now has a large number of followers who think he knows what he is doing, and take his utterances seriously. That makes him the head of his own hierarchy.

      As far as the world outside his hierarchy is concerned, Peterson is just another college professor who writes books, that may or may not be useful.

      I personally think he is dangerous. His science is WRONG. But he hasn’t withdrawn the works which quoted the bad science, nor has he made any statements that I am aware of addressing the issues. Bad science is like like arsenic – too much will kill you.

  5. For info his book is available from public Libraries, FREE, as e book and audio book.

  6. When an individual has invested time and money into gaining knowledge and wisdom which a certain segment is bereft of, he is sharing this knowledge with them for a certain cost. While he is selling his books online to make money (would you not do the same?), he also has his lectures posted on YouTube which anyone can watch for free. Whether you are the definition of a philanthroph or not, you’re still going to look out for your income (and profits). Doesn’t make him money minded or hungry. Just makes him a human being, flawed in some areas of knowledge, like just about any other person on earth.

  7. As the racist Democrat lyndon Johnson said. “Any jackass can kick down a barn, it takes a good carpenter to build one. Waynesworld YOU are NO carpenter.
    American universities take in billions, saddle young people with indentured servitude debt and give then useless SJW BS degrees.
    Peterson is the Moses of western civilization and exposing the fraud of the intellectual elite.

  8. I believe that Dr. Peterson is a Clinical Psychologist, not as you said, a Clinical Psychiatrist. Opening an article with a false statement causes the rest of the “facts” in the article to become suspect to a discerning reader.

  9. The man has the right to his own opinion. We are living in a free world. As long you stay in the center . You’re doing okay. That’s were I’m

  10. I haven’t read your article and I don’t intend to, since you haven’t read the book and you don’t intend to. Next…

  11. Yet another opinion reliant upon other’s anti-reviews with some obvious jealousy of what another person has achieved. But hey, strivers are surrounded by self-certifiers who’ve excused their own in abilities. This piece, not worth the time to have read. Thankfully JB Peterson has accommodated kind considerations of ‘limited’ folks in much of his work. It’s not their fault.

  12. What a wasted fatburg of a review. It’s kind of exemplary in the genre of shit and condescending online polemic masquerading as thought; for the outright ineptitude. I do have a book recommendation for the this reviewer though. Loserthink by Scott Adams. He can surely get it at the library, if the paperback price is a concern.

  13. 1) The audio book is FREE as are his lectures on YouTube. The book he took the longest to write was maps of meaning. He did not market it heavily. The 12 rules for life is a simpler version more accessible to others. Lastly, do you know how little an author gets from book sales?
    2) discrediting him by misrepresentation of not only his credentials but also his research and the research of his colleagues is not even well disguised “I already made up my mind” attitude. Just the stuff Jordan talks about extensively.
    His “followers” don’t love him or hate him. Real people exist in between the black and white ends. People hear someone sincerely interested in helping others. People didn’t start throwing money at him until he was wrongly accused of crimes he didn’t commit. Who are you to judge where they spend their hard earned money?
    The fact is that there are people who can be given everything to succeed (social connection, money, mentors and the best education) and still sift through their circumstances to find an excuse to fail. There are some people who have the cards stacked against them in every way, (poverty, disability, abusive parents) and they still find a way to take care of themselves and even make the world better – no excuses and no short cuts.
    Jordan reminds me of the player on the team everyone hates because he works so hard at practice it makes the slackers look bad. Of course they hate him.
    I hadn’t heard of him until a preditory group of students tried to threaten him with pressing charges if he didn’t call them by their pronoun of choice. I heard the interview about it. He said he’s happy to and do call friends and clients by their preferred pronouns but that our interactions define our relationships. If someone comes in to dominate and demands obedience then Jordan was not interested in entering into that kind of relationship and that allowing the students to do that was also not best for the student as well.

    This was a breath of fresh air instead of the scripts celebrities are handed when there is a disagreement.

    People stand to lose a LOT by not bowing down and following the script. If he only wanted to make money he sure did it the hard way..
    I find it ironic that a person who can’t work but is able to blog criticising a doctor on his lack of expertise expressed in a book he’s never read about personal accountability.

  14. Most Peterson fans have not bought his book, but they might have watched a hundred or more hours of his videos online at no charge.

  15. Absolute twaddle. Watch his you tube lectures (I mean his videos, not the twisted stuff other people put out there), all of them, all of which he put out there for free. Tell me again, that he isn’t an original thinker, or that he hasn’t read and understood most of the great philosophers of our time. Actually read his book. Then tell me he doesn’t want to help people. Then explain to me how the dominance heirarchy doesn’t exist in every facet of our society, and existed long before he put it into words.

  16. We live in a cynical and dark world. It hard to know whom and or what to trust . Vetting is a time-consuming process. So many issues to vet out. It took me a while to start feeling leery about Jorden B Petterson. Thanks for the input.

  17. We live in a cynical and dark world. It is hard to know whom and or what to trust . Vetting is a time-consuming process. So many issues to vet out. It took me a while to start feeling leery about Jorden B Petterson. Thanks for the input.

  18. I am curious why so few comments, as anything on Peterson normally stirs up a lot of action. Perhaps it is because of disinterest. Not a lot of credibility, having not read 12 Rules. Also we have no idea about how carefully you have listened to his clips, and the degree to which you have actually understood and absorbed. Sure there is hierarchy, perhaps everything is hierarchical. You mention that you are disabled. What does that mean, as there are endless possibilities. In fact no one is equally-abled, everyone has different kinds and levels of abilities and dis/less-abilities, including IQ, use of limbs…the list is substantial. Perhaps everything is hierarchical and money has become one of the measurements in today’s world. All in all, kind of vague as to why your discourse on Peterson. However it is clear that you are very sensitive to hierarchy, since you state early on that you are disabled and can’t afford his book…

  19. How can you criticise something you haven’t read? You are making a fool of yourself!

  20. The last time I checked Mr Borean, a psychiatrist is a actually someone who studied psychology as well as medicine. So he’s actually a person that can write you a script.
    And I’m way to old to be anybody’s fan boy as you put it!
    I’ve actually put my life on the line to make sure Snowflakes like you are safe and sound. Now… Until you’ve done that then you have no right to speak!!! Go out there, do it and then I’ll maybe have a bit of Respect for you.

  21. Absolute bloody nonsense. Just read the damn book and derive an objective viewpoint not your borrowed bias.And he’s not a psychiatrist. His work is psychological, not expertly scientific. However, that doesn’t mean his knowledge on the subject matter is that vague as you’ve presupposed it.And for heaven’s sake he’s not a saint,what’s wrong with him making money in the process of teaching?

  22. Your opening argument is Peterson is wrong because the far Left and far Right think he’s an idiot? That seems more like a strong argument that maybe he’s right.

    Your critique about him making money sounds like the whining of someone who is envious. If one listens to his FREE podcast or FREE YouTube videos one wouldn’t even have to buy his book because he just expounds on the ideas in it.

    I’ll have to research more on the scientific arguments as that’s not my field of expertise but what I do know he’s been right and based on your others arguments I’m less inclined to agree with you and more to trust Peterson.

  23. Well, books are free from the library so he can argue so. Also it’s best to take on Peterson’s theories rather than his motivation as if he is in error then giving away free books wont make his theories correct. My problem with so called experts is their lack of humility and extrapolating human behaviour based on chemicals of lobsters seems to be a materialist view and more suited to non religious and not in the realm of metaphysics. I think some of what he says is homespun common sense and he dresses it up with science. Also sentences such as ‘it’s all about the money can’t be proved as we don’t have access to his motivations.

  24. Guys, guys there are 50 million starving children in the world.
    Who gives a flying fart about JD, what he expouses or any of you.

  25. I’ve listened to jp talk a lot. His message is basically: if you want to make the world a better place then look at yourself and make a change. Dangerous stuff.

  26. I think you have misunderstood the serotonin thing. I will look into it more if you like. As a biochemistry graduate with a personal interest in evolution I found Peterson’s writing on this fascinating. But it is far more complex than it seems. Evolution is nearly always misunderstood by lay people. It is hard to get your head around despite being superficially easy to understand. I so often hear press reports saying things that are just completely wrong and hardly anyone noticed because it’s so common. I even think many people who have studied science get it wrong and don’t notice. I highly recommend The Selfish Gene (a stupid title actually as the author admits) which is a great way to understand evolution. And evolution has nothing to do with being simplistically selfish by the way!

  27. Not all of his message is wrong he’s not a messiah but he does make me question.why I as a white older male am responsible for all the ills of our society. I love my children and grandchildren and totally agree with equality of opportunity but recognize that equality of outcome has to be socially engineered. So do I discriminate against my sons and grandsons to secure my daughter’s and granddaughters position in society. Please help me.

  28. His comments about social dominance and serotonin are not wrong. The research you quoted regarding high serotonin levels and social phobia are partially correct, in the sense that you’ve only read the heading of that research. If you read the entire paper, you’d note that it’s specifically high levels of serotonin in the AMYGDALA, the fear centre of the brain, that cause social phobia in humans. When Peterson discusses serotonin in lobsters, its concerning an entirely different neurological pathway. Human brains are of course much more complex, but the underlying axioms really are conserved – the parts of the human brain concerned with social status are mostly determined by serotonin in a positive fashion, but not in the amygdala.

  29. I am so tired of people having wonderfully wordy opinions about whatever and only critisizing without giving ANY alternatives. Stop telling me how wrong he or whoever is and give me the truth, not your truth, the truth.

  30. An authoritarian who promotes individual responsibility. That’s a new one!

    You should be more specific about the exact claims that Dr Peterson has made that you believe science doesn’t support. In addition you need to cite the evidence for your claim.

  31. This critique only seems upset that someone is making a lot of money for proposing their ideas in a book…rather than his scientific accuracy. The fact the author chose his most popular analogy (lobster hierarchies) from the introductory section of the book tells me the author of this post is here to sensationalize, not properly critique anything. Patting yourself on the back does not help your argument, either. It Just makes you sound like a con-plaint artist.

  32. Peterson is a brilliant thinker who should be considered as much a philosopher as a psychologist. We don’t need to agree with him to appreciate his beliefs and thoughtful discussions about them. In any event, he is certainly not a scam artist, just someone who the author of this smear article disagrees with.

  33. As you have stated Jordan Peterson may have not kept up with his research about serotonin. It looks to me that at some point it was believed that low serotonin levels were associated with defeat, low status etc. Quoting the first passage of the link you’ve shared “Previous studies have led researchers to believe that individuals with social anxiety disorder/ social phobia have too low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin.”

    Other then the newly found research on serotonin, what else have you found to be inconsistent with regards to dormince hierarchy?

    Since the inverse have been believed about serotonin. I personally think it’s not enough to completely discredit the theory. I found other elements of what Jordan stated about the Dominance Hierarchy quite relatable to substance.

  34. If you want to criticize Peterson, first read his book. You are the charlaton.

  35. Research into serotonin is ongoing. Low levels do mirror as depression in some individuals and studies and responses to the use of SSRIs confirm this, which raise levels. Excessively high levels can also cause problems. To use effects of high levels to rebut effects of low levels isn’t scientifically consistent. It’s not that Peterson is wrong; he merely focuses on research appropriate to low levels. Actual levels of neurotransmitters in humans vary considerably and internal pseudo-homeostatic responses to maintain appropriate level can be adjusted and influenced using external medications to improve quality of life.
    Peterson argues soundly using basic scientific principles. I would posit that Peterson is more a rigorous scientist than a psychologist or psychiatrist, so any authoritarianism he projects is based rigidly on the immutability and proven success of scientific law. His resort to consistent arguments based on cause and effect are irrefutable.
    If there is nothing wrong with making money, as you claim, and Peterson works hard to earn his share, where exactly is your criticism?
    In so far as the book is concerned, I have actually read it. It has deep and far reaching meaning though I am reading it for a second time. I can’t support the argument that he is lying. His advice is appealing to hundreds of thousands, especially men, and his advice, which you can take or leave, actually works for those who persist. His message is clear. Without identifying a purpose in life, then existence is meaningless and nihilistic. You can’t argue with that.

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  37. The claim that Jordan Peterson is a Psychiatrist is not correct..he is a Psychologist..a psychiatrist has a medical degree..that is a rather profound error

  38. Go to a library. They have free books. I’m not suggesting that everyone should read Jordan Peterson. But if you write about him and you write about his breakout book, an excuse that you can’t afford it is it strange one to give as a journalist.

  39. ..If Dr Peterson maintains views that are obviously contrary to yours, ideally, your as much filled w/ as the good Dr……remember the analogy of opinions and what everyone’ s anatomy consists of.?!?.
    Yours, simply negates an ethical code…Petersons’ appeal towards goodness in humanity isn’t rocket science and possibly he’s still in a learned mode..?!?.. but take him or leave him, “you’ve” got lots of learning to do to match a pimple on JP’s butt or a comprehensive attachment to “scarcely one” of his receptors…

  40. I love Jordan Peterson. In popular words he is the father we never had.
    I have not purchased his book yet but surely intends to do so when I feel necessary.
    Let me clarify what importance he has to me.
    He explained iq curve for both men and women to me.
    He elaborated how the Agreeablenss trait differentiates men and women.
    Oh man what should I tell you, he basically introduced me to the vital points that are necessary to deconstruct the world and make something of it. If you have iota of doubt regarding his fraud nature just go to comment section of any video especially “bite size philosophy” ones. You will see people thanking him for saving their LIFE by explaining something in that video.
    The one this I found from this article is you are at least open to critique which is a very nice trait to have. But the way you explained his fraud nature connecting to money and money only, is either because you are too dumb to understand what he says which is verified by how you are making money being a critique of that person and not the one who is being criticized or you have some grudge against him because you can’t comprehend how people find him brilliant, again because you are probably dumb.
    You really gave me utilize ad hominem as much as a can to a person.
    Well thank you for the article.
    It did increase my information about Serotonin hormone.

  41. It looks like you put this on about one and a half years ago ?….and have had 6 comments.?…Interesting…Wow…!!

  42. I always appreciate a person’s right to do a proper investigation and then rightfully state their own conclusions and opinions about a given subject matter. This reviewer didn’t even extend Petersen the common courtesy of reading Petersen’s work. Instead, he relied on snippets, interpretations and others’ opinions to arrive at ‘his’ conclusion. In my opinion, that is not only unfair but just plain lazy. It hardly evokes confidence in expecting an honest and original assessment of Petersen’s work.

  43. Poppycock & prattle.
    you silly thing, his videos will live on into perpituity and you are already forgotten.

  44. At least two of the commenters including the author admit they haven’t read his book – yet both “doubt” it has anything to offer.
    Seriously now!!!!
    You are so not qualified to comment on this guy. At least attempt the homework before you come to class.

  45. Your article on Peterson was tissue thin and proved nothing except the harping about him making money. Good for him, I say, but that’s not his core. I find him honest, courageous and well intentioned. He’s the best thing to happen on the recent internet, and has stimulated and inspired many. Who cares about the serotonin comment; the totality on his thoughts are very helpful, and obviously not about money, unless that is what you resent.

  46. He’s not a psychiatrist. I didn’t bother reading the rest of your article since you couldn’t get basic facts correct.

  47. I realize I’m very late to the party with this article but it was an interesting read and I’d like to dump some counterpoints into the void.

    I’ll preface by saying I like Jordan Peterson’s lectures and have read most of 12 Rules for Life, but frankly as you mentioned he just sort of rehashes his lectures (which are rehashes of old world lessons) so it didn’t hook me through to the end. I mostly prefer to listen to him, but I listen to many other people for the sake of perspective and wouldn’t consider myself a “fan”. Treating one person’s word as gospel is dangerous, no matter who the person is.

    Onto my counterpoints.

    1 – I agree that most of his ideas aren’t unique, but his interpretation of them through current events is at least interesting – and sometimes you need to hear what you already know to truly internalize it. For example JBP’s constant talk of sacrificing the short-term pleasure of the present for long-term success in the future is an idea as old as time, but after hearing him detail it and truly break it down, I could no longer ignore my conscience which had been screaming at me to stop living the way I was.

    2 – I truly understand the legal and financial pressures of living with disability, probably not more than you but certainly more than most. I know your finances are forever under a microscope and it is absolutely not the rainbows-and-butterflies free ride that society seems to think it is. That said, 15 bucks for a book isn’t bad. I think calling him a scam artist is a bit disingenuous, especially considering this information *is* available for free through his lectures online… It’s just not so neatly packaged, but I think that condensation of the set of ideas he wrote about is worth the asking price. Again, a Harvard professor with his lectures for free on YouTube – that’s not common, and certainly doesn’t seem greedy.

    3 – I don’t have the medical expertise to know about serotonin specifically so I really don’t know what’s truly accurate here. I’m willing to believe JBP is wrong here based on your sources and his track record with medical “fact” and I agree bad science sucks but like you said this is a self-help book, it’s not a neurochemistry thesis. For that, I think you’ve missed the forest for the trees on the lobster story.

    My takeaway from that story is if you always think of yourself as a loser and a victim, you will act in ways that reinforce this belief. I think “stand up straight” is a worthy message.

    My lesson from the lobsters wasn’t specific to increasing my serotonin levels, but – “believe in yourself, because you’re more capable than you think; and the more you prove this to yourself, the more capable you will continue to become.”
    Or more harshly – “If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?”

    That’s a pretty nice message. The fanbase can certainly be rabid and I know many of them use him as an excuse to push more nefarious agendas, but overall I think Peterson, his lectures and his books are a net positive for this increasingly crazy world.

    I’d love to discuss but I know this article is 18 months old and wouldn’t be surprised if nobody even sees this comment. If you do, hello there future person!

  48. So many people like writing about Jordan Peterson because they know it will get a lot of hits. This article is a complete Hatchet job. Years of Jordan Peterson lectures are free online through YouTube. I really wish I had access to him when I was younger. He has hundreds of millions of viewers from around the world on YouTube. He’s not politically correct and tells it like it is with no nonsense. I highly recommend him, he’s outstanding and his book is on the New York Times bestseller list. The left absolutely cannot stand him because they are unwilling to confront the central he exposes about them. He’s very transparent about the money he makes online and per book and you says so.

  49. In regards to the supposed paywall in your story, there is a podcast he produces where he lectures, and gives a pretty decent discussion on his books. So his work may not be exactly free, but pretty close. Also not to mention his YouTube videos. Maybe you can listen to those and make a more informed opinion, versus the 2nd hand analysis. Personally I find his work as a discussion of taking responsibility for your actions, and the consequences of if you don’t. Wouldn’t you agree?

  50. You don’t have to buy his book, it’s all free on you tube. Peterson is about helping people. He became know for his stance on free speech.
    Too bad you are so closed minded not to understand Peterson for yourself.
    Your loss.

  51. Just read the damn book. You can get it from that place where you don’t need money, it’s called a library. You can criticize the book and/or the author after, and you may sound less laughable.

  52. I love Jordan Peterson’s college lectures. I’ve learned a great deal from listening to them.

  53. Even the smallest bit of research could have produced something worth reading here but there is zero evidence of any meaningful research, what we get here is an insight into the authors self importance and not much more.
    Talking about a book you haven’t bothered to read is a bit of a give away. Do you seriously believe no author should make any money from their work ?
    Do you believe of the millions of copies sold that no person gained anything from his book ?
    This has been the deconstruction of humility nothing more but thanks for the smile

  54. Sorry folks, been busy. Writing of course!

    Now as to the comments;

    1) I didn’t get the book from the library because I didn’t feel like waiting six months for it, in either ebook or dead tree version.

    2) I can’t stand watching videos. Getting information from a video is like eating a potato through a straw as far as I’m concerned, slow and exasperating. I’m the same with podcasts. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I prefer reading.

    3) The info from his books that I quoted is accurate — if it wasn’t one of you would have told me.


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