The Deconstruction of Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro by Gage Skidmore


Why am I deconstructing Ben Shapiro? Because in the Ontario Civil Liberties Facebook Group I upset some people by saying mean things about him. That’s nothing unusual. I upset people all the time. But when I do, I always explain why.
So here we go!

Ben Shapiro is delusional

That makes him dangerous. Why do I say he is delusional?
Simple. He believes in morals.
But morality is good you say. Sorry, you’re wrong. Morality is what killed Matthew Sheppard. Morality is what is why my trans friends are terrified of going into the United States right now. Morality is why Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to Same-Sex couples. Morality is why Masterpiece Cake shop refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.
Morality is a deadly dangerous concept. It says that I believe that my non-existent invisible friend has told me how to act. It has no real world relevance.
Harm is the real issue. When you act are you harming anyone? Take that puerile old argument that ‘my right to swing my fist ends at the tip of your nose’. Sorry, no. If the person on the other end has PTSD then your ‘right to swing your fist’ is the right to harm the person with PTSD.
Morality is useless. Harm is what’s important.
Ben Shapiro’s morality means he opposes civil rights, for example he is anti-abortion. He can try to dress that up however he wants, but effectively he is claiming the right to be a slave owner. He wants to enslave every woman who has had sex, and gotten pregnant, but is unable for whatever reason to have a child. This viewpoint is criminal.
In his revealing National Review article titled, Men, Stop Virtue-Signalling and Return to Rules he reveals his true colors.
Take this statement:

That’s because it ignores a fundamental fact about human life: All human beings are capable of sin.

Sin only occurs in ‘Moral Systems’, it is an artificial construct supplied by his imaginary friend. Shapiro thinks it is important. It’s the centre of the second paragraph of the article.
Let’s take a look at the Dictionary dot com definition of sin. Note that I’m looking at the noun definitions because that’s how he used the word.
  1. transgression of divine law: the sin of Adam.
  2. any act regarded as such a transgression, especially a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.
The third definition shows that the concept of sin has invaded society beyond religion, it says:


  • any reprehensible or regrettable action, behavior, lapse, etc.; great fault or offense: It’s a sin to waste time.


So Shapiro says he has a right to tell me, my friends and enemies, and everyone else how to live. In his view if we don’t follow his morality we are sinning. What a great guy! Not.
He goes on to say:

Conservatives have long proclaimed that men, left unchecked, will act like pigs with regard to women. We have recognized that men tend to see women as potential sex objects and, without social boundaries, will treat women that way.

Wow. So we are to believe this because Conservatives have been saying this for a long time? That means we should believe that Blacks should all be slaves because Southern Whites were saying it for a long time. What a wonderful concept! I could continue to add even more things that we should believe because people have been saying them for a long time, but I’m sure you can come up with lots of ridiculous or dangerous ones yourself.

Here’s another beauty:

But the basis for the rules was simple: Men could not be universally trusted not to sin against women.

There’s that sin word again. We have to accept what he thinks are morals, never mind what we think. This ignores the minor issue that women often hurt men. I guess he’s never heard of Dorothea Puente. OK, she was arrested when he was four years old, but she is a big name among Serial Killers, and her crimes have been covered many times in the media since.
Shapiro thinks sex outside of marriage isn’t good. Sex outside of marriage is none of his business.
He thinks that a woman agreeing to marriage is consenting to sex, which she isn’t. She’s committing to live with someone, and yes, sex is definitely on the menu (insert newlywed jokes here), but marriage isn’t consenting to sex whenever or wherever the man wants it.
He thinks men are supposed to be chivalrous towards women. Sounds like he is stuck in the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine.
And a final quote:

It turns out that men are built with a certain capacity for sin. Tearing down fences only lets those sins break out of their confines. Male misbehavior has been championed as rogueish and delightful for decades; marriage has been mocked and derided; “prudish” notions have been rejected. Have women been freed of the male gaze? Are they safer now? Are they more comfortable in the workplace? Or, as we’re now finding out, are the wages of destroying boundaries on human behavior not freedom, but anarchy — and, for too many women, oppression by voracious men?

Note that sin word. Again. He’s claiming that those dreadful Liberal ideas are letting the sins harmful actions out. He ignores the possibility that those sins harmful actions were always there, but hidden.
He also has an amazing rant on the Daily Wire which is worth looking at. In it he is trying to claim that not wanting to have sex with a trans person isn’t bigotry. He’s totally misunderstanding what is happening. It was never about sex, it was about how a trans person is treated.
Take Leelah Alcorn. Her parents drove her to suicide, and to this day refuse to accept who she was. All she wanted was acceptance. Ben Shapiro would deny her that.
It’s nearly 1:00 AM, and I really should try to sleep, so I’ll stop here. But I’m going to watch Shapiro. I fall into the range that he would consider ‘sinful’ and that makes him an enemy of mine. His writings are harmful to people I know and love, and I won’t stand for that.
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Loved the fireworks tonight. Now if it would just cool off a little…
Wayne Borean
Monday July 2, 2018


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  1. Ah conservatives trying to pit everything on liberals…
    «Male misbehavior has been championed as rogueish and delightful for decades»
    Personally I find that rich as a condemnation of liberal ideas when, last I checked, it’s Republicans who are obsessed with rape, punishing female victims of it and letting male perpetrators get away with it.

  2. They tend to be extremely obsessed with sex, period. Especially other people's, both in what they are doing, who they are doing it with, and what the outcome will be.

    It's sad. A bunch of sexual maniacs who can't live and let live, but have to force their views on others.

  3. In the conservative mindset, men are so esteemed as leaders, breadwinners, with the innate abilities to rise above fear and anger and hate to do "the moral thing," to be "men of reason" and avoiding the traps of "hysterical women," to exhibit measured self-control,except, oddly, when it comes to the reproductive urge let's call it, where they (alone) are entirely slaves to their hormones and their natural human need to get their rocks off. It is there that women need to take full responsibility for anything that happens. It is there that women need to use any (other) orifice or appendage available to quell these un-quenchable desires, regardless of any other circumstance, except the one their God intended.

  4. How can there be a middle ground with someone who thinks morals are bad?

    How can you communicate with someone who thinks there is no grey lines between hating women and protecting babies?

    Democrats used to say abortion was a terrible decision that should be prevented at all cost. But now abortion is celebrated and people who look at it as it as tragic are now considered evil. I used to be Democrat but I believe in morals so it’s clear that I no longer fit the criteria.

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