Could Canada be a National Security Threat to the United States

Sure. All we’d have to do is sign a mutual defense treaty with Russia and China, and Donald J. Trump seems to be driving us in that direction. Then the USA would have Cuba and Canada to worry about. I want to look at the situation from a purely military standpoint. Could Canada equip and […]

Wooden Spaceships and Wooden Spacesuits

  Spelljammer spaceship from the Spelljammer Wiki You think I’m joking, right? Sorry, I’m not. What’s even better is that we are practically there. I was reading Science Daily, my go-to source for keeping up (yeah, right) with new scientific findings. Scientists at the University of Maryland have developed a process that makes wood stronger […]

The Hugo Awards

I’ve had a short essay on what’s wrong with the Hugo Awards published on Zauberspiegel. No, the Sad Puppies aren’t right. No, the Hugo Loyalists aren’t right. I’m right. Why is explained in the essay, suffice to say I have skills and experience most people don’t have. They don’t need them. I did. Feel free to […]