Spam Comments

The amount of comment spam has gone out of control. I’m not the only one facing the problem, I’ve heard the same from other writers using WordPress on their sites. So, I’ve changed the rules. You have to be logged in to comment. I don’t know if this will cut the amount of spam I’m […]


Yes, I haven’t been around a lot. Quite frankly the pain has been so bad that even the Morphine hasn’t been controlling it. This is not fun. But I’m going to drive myself to do stuff. Whether I do things or not, I’m still in pain. Even if my concentration isn’t 100%, I’m still capable […]

Book of Honor – Urbema – Republished on – Because of Drupal Problems

OK, I messed up. When I originally set up Weblit Canada, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know about Drupal, the content management system that I chose. Drupal is a powerful, flexible, option filled piece of software. In fact it’s got options on it’s options. To a new user, well, this can […]