The Great White North

[youtube] I’m on holiday this week, visiting my mother-in-law, the poet laureate of Temiskaming District. I’m also recuperating from fixing my computer, and other stuff. No, it didn’t include a hangover. I gave up drinking twenty-five years ago, and I have to admit I’m surprised that Molson’s Breweries didn’t go when I did.

Attack Of The Anti-Green Mutant Right Wing Computer Geek

The whole concept behind the chart is that the Queen is trying to manipulate the environmental movement to make more money. The problem is that the chart is a fake. The World Wildlife Federation running the Sierra Club? That would be like claiming that the Liberal Party of Canada is running the Conservative Party of Canada.

Climate Change Redux

It continually amazes me how intelligent people can be fooled.

Take Climate Change. I know a lot of people who don’t believe that humans can have any effect upon climate. Others think that there’s still question about the issue. It’s not that they are stupid. It’s that there are a lot of people with a vested interest in fooling the general public, mostly because if could hurt their profits.

The Death Of The Fossil Fuel Companys Part Deux

Back on May 30th I wrote an article titled ‘The Death Of The Fossil Fuel Companies – Sell Your Stock Now While It’s Still Worth Something’, which caused a bit of an uproar. Those who are heavily invested in Fossil Fuel company stocks were less than happy with me. Many people were still willing to listen though, in part because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and in part because the economics make damned good sense. So I’ve been planning a follow up, and here it is.