The Revolution Began in 1969…

It’s rather amazing how many Americans freak out about Marxists, and spend huge amounts of time thinking about Marxist plans for a revolution. What they don’t realize is that the revolution began in 1969, is still ongoing, and that it wasn’t the Marxists, or any of the other ‘ists’ who started it, and it won’t […]

Mega – A Fantastic New Resource for Writers

Kim Dotcom is a maniac. But a smart maniac. He’s just offered every creative person on the planet 50 Gigabytes of free cloud storage! Think about it. You’re a writer. You’ve got a thousand text/document files that maybe take up a gigabyte at worst. Lose them, and you are out of business. Yes, you can […]

The Charge of the Tablet Brigade

With apologies to Alfred Lord Tenneyson Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Shops Rode the six hundred. “Forward the Tablet Brigade! Charge for the consumers!” he said. Into the valley of Shops Rode the six hundred. Let’s talk about tablets.

Microsoft Death Watch – Tablet Wars Part Deux

By re-writing the rules governing portable devices (including notebooks) Apple has broken Microsoft’s strangle hold on the industry. We have HP, who is one of Microsoft’s biggest partners openly stating that they are going to install WebOS on Notebooks as well as tablets. We have companies fighting to have the first Honeycomb tablet on the market. And while there are Windows 7 devices, they aren’t priced to compete.