Why Johnny Can’t Code Redux

  David Brin A long time ago (BK – Before Kids) I was lucky enough to meet David Brin at Ad Astra, the Toronto Science Fiction convention. It’s easy to meet people who have opinions. It isn’t often that you meet someone smart enough to explain to you exactly why the opinion is right. David […]

Copyright Wars Volumes 1 & 2

Greetings and salutations! On September 1, 2011 I had the great pleasure of publishing the first two volumes of my Copyright Wars series. They are up on both Amazon and Smashwords, and should be available on the Kobo, IBook, Diesel, and Sony Reader platforms in a few days. I published them under my imprint. Yes, […]

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Enemy Or Why VP8 Is Important Even If It Came From Google

But everyone seems to be missing something. What if VP8 becomes the de facto standard? Remember that VP8 is an open standard. Totally open. This means that adding DRM to it will be difficult, if not impossible. So VP8 kills off Windows Media Video (WMV) and Quicktime as a video standards, just like MP3 killed off Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Quicktime as audio standards. Remember that one of the reasons that Microsoft and Apple fought MP3 was because MP3 wasn’t compatible with DRM, and the Frauhoffer Institute controlled the specification. Now we have the same situation with VP8, and we already know that Steve Jobs is panicking. You have to ask yourself why…

Simple – VP8 will destroy the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, ACTA, the new Canadian Copyright Act, the WIPO copyright treaties, and every other law which attempts to protect DRM. The ripping noise you hear is Hollywood tearing it’s hair out in clumps.

And now you know why the patent trolls at MPEG.LA are trying to sidetrack VP8 adoption.

What Are The Fiduciary Duties Of Heritage Minister James Moore?

Which brings us to Heritage Minister James Moore. Rumor is that there was a political battle between James Moore, the Canadian Heritage Minister, and Tony Clement, the Canadian Industry Minister, about the direction of copyright reform in Canada, which James Moore won, and the result will be DMCA Canada. But James Moore is not responsible to the CRIA or the RIAA. He’s responsible to the Canadian public. He has a fiduciary duty to the citizens of Canada, which is represented by the oath of office that he swore. And as Heritage Minister, he is also responsible to Canadian artists and other creators of Canadian culture. To quote from Wikipedia:

In a fiduciary relation one person, in a position of vulnerability, justifiably reposes confidence, good faith, reliance and trust in another whose aid, advice or protection is sought in some matter. In such a relation good conscience requires one to act at all times for the sole benefit and interests of another, with loyalty to those interests.

Will Heritage Minister Moore act for the sole benefit of the Canadian public, or will he act for the benefit of foreign corporations?

We should know this week.

Why the “Copycats?” Report has a Copycat Problem

Yes, more on the Conference Board. Glyn Moody has a new post Why the “Copycats?” Report has a Copycat Problem. To quote from his post: Against that background, the appearance of the report “Copycats? Digital consumers in the online age”, produced by University College London’s CIBER for the UK governmnent’s Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual […]


I’ve just nominated rtmpdump for a community choice award on Source Forge. The reason I’ve done this, is Adobe Systems got Source Forge to remove the project by using a DMCA notice. I don’t agree with the DMCA, and when it was suggested that we all do this, well, I couldn’t resist. I recommend that […]


I am upset at Adobe. They have used the DMCA to get Source Forge to pull a project called rtmpdump. Now I don’t like the DMCA, so when someone suggested nominating it for a best project award, I couldn’t resist. Join in on the fun!