A Response to: Fuck you, Richard Stallman and other GNU/Trolls

You’re interested in Richard Stallman? Man, you seem to be sexually confused. I’d get counselling if I were you. I mean you’re interested in a 50 plus greying geek? Sheesh. Comedy aside, as to the rest of what you wrote, it was awfully confused. OK, so you want to rant. Think first. If you don’t […]

Why Evolution?

On Groklaw PJ asked: Why, exactly, is it so hard to get rid of Mono, if Evolution doesn’t require it? I think that PJ’s question should have been, why is it so hard to get rid of Evolution, if Gnome doesn’t require it? Think. An email client is not a necessary part of a desktop. […]

open…: Microsoft cocks a snook at the EU

Glyn Moody wrote Microsoft cocks a snook at the EU. I often agree with Glyn, but not this time. Microsoft is trying to make the EU Competition people out to be fools, by delivering a version of Windows that won’t give customers what they want, and will block their competitors. Microsoft has a channel, and […]