SCO Train Wreck still occuring in slow motion – molasses would be quicker

Oh dear. The total idiots at The SCO Group finally had a court decision that fell partly in their direction. Partly. The Appeals Court has decided that Summary Judgment was the wrong way to deal with the case, that it should have gone do jury trial, as there were facts which a jury was best […]

open…: Microsoft cocks a snook at the EU

Glyn Moody wrote Microsoft cocks a snook at the EU. I often agree with Glyn, but not this time. Microsoft is trying to make the EU Competition people out to be fools, by delivering a version of Windows that won’t give customers what they want, and will block their competitors. Microsoft has a channel, and […]

Reuters Lawsuit Against Zotero Dismissed

This is an important case. Very important. On one side, we have a major media conglomerate, part of which is a news service. We have all heard of the financial problems that traditional news media have been having recently (at least I hope we all have). Thomson Reuters (Scientific) Inc. launched a lawsuit against George […]