Why Johnny Can’t Code Redux

  David Brin A long time ago (BK – Before Kids) I was lucky enough to meet David Brin at Ad Astra, the Toronto Science Fiction convention. It’s easy to meet people who have opinions. It isn’t often that you meet someone smart enough to explain to you exactly why the opinion is right. David […]

NSA Spying Scandal – An Analysis

Like a lot of people, I’ve been following the NSA Spying Scandal closely. In fact, I’ve been following it for several years, since before I first ran into Barrett Brown. Seriously. The leaks about go back a long way, and most writers appear to have missed the implications.

Microsoft Death Watch – Buys Nokia Smartphone Business

A couple of days ago I wrote about Ballmer’s impending retirement. One of the points I made is that Ballmer appears of have made the choice, that he isn’t being pushed out. A lot of writers have effectively written Ballmer off as a spent force at Microsoft. Then Microsoft buys Nokia’s handset division…