Yes, I haven’t been around a lot. Quite frankly the pain has been so bad that even the Morphine hasn’t been controlling it. This is not fun. But I’m going to drive myself to do stuff. Whether I do things or not, I’m still in pain. Even if my concentration isn’t 100%, I’m still capable […]


I’m not doing FilKONtario this year. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and it’s just not practical. There’s just too much walking at the hotel, and not enough places where I can sit comfortably. Heather suggested that I just park myself in the main function space, but the chairs in there aren’t comfortable. If […]

Pain, pain, pain

Last Wednesday I saw the pain doctor. Result is I’m now on Ocycontin, which I am told is known as hillbilly heroin. It is helping a bit, provided that I don’t do anything. The doctor also perscribed me break through pills. Percoset. Now I was on Percoset when I had my wrist surgery, and at […]

What a day

OK – so I can’t get Vicky awake, so I just head off for work. Snow starts about 10:00 AM, and continues through the day. It took me over two hours to drive home. Somehow (I’m not sure of the details) Heather tripped over something in the front room. I don’t think she did any […]


The pain in my leg is really getting to me. It isn’t getting worse – it’s just to damned constant. It really interferes with life. Some examples being: 1) Since Dad died, we have his dog, and I promised that Mark would be well taken care of. One thing I do every night is walk […]