Planet Gnome and Proprietary Software

Thanks to Lefty for tweeting about the discussion of whether Proprietary Software should be talked about on Planet Gnome. Lefty’s article is here, the thread about the issue is here, and a poll initiated by Lefty is here. There’s several points that I think need consideration: 1) Do we want censorship?2) Is this censorship (there’s […]

Open Source vs Free Software – a Philosophical discussion

Everyone is aware of the huge fuss going on at present. What we have appears to be a conflict between two philosophical viewpoints, fueled by claims that one community is under attack by the other community. This is wrong, and here’s why: Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation in 1985, with the aim of […]

The Mono Firefight

Well OK, it’s not a movie. But with all the excitement we’ve had lately about Mono I decided to do some research. to find out how it all started. Many links later, I think I’ve located the start of the current controversy, and a bit better understanding of it. This set of links is not […]