More Spam

This one is hilarious. The address line reads: Australian Taxation Office <> An Australian tax office with a UK email address? How droll. Then there’s the fact that I don’t live in Australia! The email says: NOTICE OF TAX RETURN FOR YEAR 2012 I am sending this email to announce: After the last annual calculation […]

TimeTrex Payroll and Time Management – Lying to Potentional Customers

I’m a Canadian Publisher. Originally I got into this to publish family. Originally. Since people found out that I’m doing this, I’ve had a lot of requests from people who I know to expand. They are want me to do their publishing for them. So count this as an official announcement. I’m expanding, and have […]

Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0011 – Hephaestus Books

The largest copyright pirates are the large corporations, particularly in the content distribution business. Yes, those companies who scream the loudest that their customers are ‘pirating’ movies, songs, books, etc. In this series, we are going to look at cases where these companies have engaged in large scale copyright infringement, or in other ways have […]

be advised that according to the United State Law together with the FBI rules…

  Wow! The FBI wants to talk to me. They are holding money sent to me, and as a good American citizen, I’m supposed to contact them, and head over to their office… At which point every is probably smelling a rat, since everyone knows that I’m not an American citizen, and I don’t live […]