Microsoft Community Promise & MONO

Well, since I made my post about the arguments surrounding Mono, Peter Galli of Microsoft has announced that Microsoft will be applying the Community Promise to the ECMA 334 and ECMA 335 specs. But what does this mean? Get ready for a long post…. The Microsoft Community Promise states: Microsoft Community PromisePublished: September 12, 2007 […]

The Mono Firefight

Well OK, it’s not a movie. But with all the excitement we’ve had lately about Mono I decided to do some research. to find out how it all started. Many links later, I think I’ve located the start of the current controversy, and a bit better understanding of it. This set of links is not […]

A Response to: Fuck you, Richard Stallman and other GNU/Trolls

You’re interested in Richard Stallman? Man, you seem to be sexually confused. I’d get counselling if I were you. I mean you’re interested in a 50 plus greying geek? Sheesh. Comedy aside, as to the rest of what you wrote, it was awfully confused. OK, so you want to rant. Think first. If you don’t […]

Why Evolution?

On Groklaw PJ asked: Why, exactly, is it so hard to get rid of Mono, if Evolution doesn’t require it? I think that PJ’s question should have been, why is it so hard to get rid of Evolution, if Gnome doesn’t require it? Think. An email client is not a necessary part of a desktop. […]