Trademark Squatters 0002 – Welcome to Parry Sound

Trademark Squatters have become a huge problem in the last couple of years. The value of a mark in commerce can be immense, but often marks are not registered, with the owner depending upon common law recognition of rights. Trademark Squatters take advantage of inability of government agencies to check the truthfulness of statements made […]

Outback Zack’s Australian Animal Fire Victims Appeal

I’m looking for a video. Does anyone have on VHS, Beta, PVR, or whatever, a copy of Outback Zack’s Australian Animal Fire Victims Appeal that they could send to me? If so, you’ll earn my undying gratitude for all of five minutes (I have a short attention span). Regards Wayne Borean Sunday February 5, 2012 […]

Intellectual Property Primer – Part One – Trademarks

This is the first of a series of posts on what ‘Intellectual Property’ or ‘IP’ is, and what purpose the concept serves. The series was inspired by the realization that the vast majority of the people currently discussing Intellectual Property Issues on the internet have very little knowledge of the subjects they are discussing, or have specialized knowledge of a particular sub-section, and are trying to generalize their specialized knowledge in ways that are inappropriate.

Monster Cable

I bought a new Fender Stratocaster today. It was quite a search, and I ended up with a beautiful Left Handed Standard Strat in Candy Apple Red with a Maple neck. I ended up visiting a lot of stores to find exactly what I needed. Now any musicians among you will be shaking your heads. […]


For those who don’t know, Shareaza is a Peer to Peer client, that works on the Gnutella, Gnutella 2, and EDonkey networks. It is an open source project, under the GPL V2. Recently they lost their domain – Apparently the French Music Industry Association has cyber squatted their original website, and then proceeded to […]