Microsoft Incompetence – ODF

You gotta love those days, when everything hits at once. I’ve have 5 ideas to write about, all of them are important, and I’ve spent the last hour trying to decide which one came first.

So heck, Microsoft gets the first blast. Would you believe that a multi-billion dollar software manufacturer would be so incompetent, that it couldn’t implement an ISO standard properly? That it couldn’t implement the standard correctly, even when other groups had implemented the standard correctly?

Open Office
Gnome Office

All free software projects. All managed to implement ODF version 1.2 correctly. So how come Microsoft can’t do it? I think it’s incompetence.

Roy over at Boycott Novell thinks that it was done on purpose. Rob Weir from IBM has done a lot of testing, and his tests show Microsoft’s implementation is the worst at handling ODF files. Rob got so much feedback he wrote a second post which goes into further detail, and Doug Mahugh of Microsoft has replied.

Part of the problem, is that Microsoft, for some insane reason decided to work with version1.1 of the ODF standard. Version 1.2 was available at the time, so there choice at the very least shows incredible stupidity. But as I said, I think this is a case of incompetence above and beyond the call of duty.

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