Linux on an Acer 5100

I was running Moon OS 2.0 on the Acer laptop, but when the left button on the track pad died, I started having problems. And, yes, before you say it I know I can plug an optical mouse into one of the USB ports. I ask you to consider what I’m going to use as a mouse pad – my dog’s backside? The leather couch that I usually work at?

I knew that Ubuntu would consider a double tap on the track pad as a double click on the left button, but I wanted to try something different. I hadn’t used Fedora in ages (Fedora 7) so I downloaded the Fedora 11 release candidate, and installed it. The install was smooth, the Gnome desktop, well it’s Gnome. The installed software didn’t quite fit my needs, but that’s easy enough to fix. I quite liked it. The only problem was it didn’t accept tapping on the track pad, which made it unusable. Which is a real pity, I really wanted to do a long term test of Fedora.

But I have to work, so I installed Ubuntu. And this is where the real fun began. Everything set up, including wireless. But things just didn’t seem right. But it was usable, so I ignored the things that didn’t look right until I fired up Open Office, and realized it was version 2.4!

Oops. I’d grabbed the wrong CD, and installed 8.04 instead. Since I’d already moved most of my data onto the computer, I decided to try the update route instead. I updated to 8,10, and then updated to 9.04. It took a while, but everything worked fine, and quite frankly it was so easy, pretty well any user could do it.


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