Found On Road Dead

Yeah, everyone knows all the smart aleck nicknames for Ford.

Found on Road Dead
Fix or Repair Daily
Fails On Rainy Days
Failure Of Research & Development
Fast Only Running Downhill
Factory Ordered Road Disaster
Four Old Rusted Doors
Ford Owner Really Dumb
Fork Over Repair Dough
Fabricated Of Refried Dung
Fireball On Rear Denting
Frequent Opinion: Really Disappointed

And yeah, there’s a couple of thousand more. But hey, they are the only North American car company that didn’t go into bankruptcy, so they have to have something going for them, don’t they? And I am looking for a new car.

Well it so happens that the Ford Fusion is a really nice looking little hybrid car. Since I’m ecologically minded (yes, climate change is real – I understand the science) and want to keep my ecological footprint as low as possible, a hybrid was high on my list. It has to seat five (we have 3 kids), have good rear seat headroom (both of our boys are over 6 feet tall), get fantastic fuel economy, have a trunk or hatch big enough to hold a couple of guitars and amplifiers. Simple, no?

From this point of view the Ford was looking great. It’s reasonably sized, the fuel economy is fantastic, and the Ford Hybrid Technology looks pretty good. Hey, I’m feeling happy at this point.

Then we got to the dealership. Car looks like the pictures. I got a good laugh at the expression on my wife’s face when the salesman got in, turned the key, drove the car forward, and parked, all without the engine coming on. Neat. Then I got into the car.

Turns out that the damned thing comes with a Microsoft/Ford Sync system. I told the salesman I wouldn’t buy the car because of that. Rather than asking questions about my statement he started trying to explain how great it was, and it was at that point that we walked out.

We aren’t buying a Ford.

Oh, and I’m emailing a copy of this to the dealership. If they respond, I’ll let you know what they say.

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  1. Wait a second, you're not buying a specific car because of some extra software that doesn't even affect the safety of the vehicle simply because it includes Microsoft software that you don't even have to use if you don't want to?

    Ah well, nobody will blame you for not buying a car, but if it fits your requirements just fine & you actually need a new car, some fluff software seems to be a bad reason not to, but it's apparently supposed to be an option so you can probably find the same car without it.

  2. I'm shopping for a certain type of car for philosophical reasons. I refuse to buy certain types of cars for philosophical reasons, just as I refuse to buy computers that come with Microsoft Windows for philosophical reasons.

    I have certain beliefs, and if I don't stand by them, I'm not me.

    And no, Microsoft Sync is not an option on the Fusion, it's standard equipment. Since the Fusion is the only Ford that meets my requirements, I won't be buying Ford.

    I think that Ford has made a huge mistake in tying themselves to the most incompetent software company on the planet.

  3. I was shopping for a car recently and had roughly the same requirements. I too looked at the Fords but when I found out about Microsoft Sync I turned my back for philosophical reasons.

    I doubt that Ford is worrying about the people who will not buy their cars for philosophical reasons – we're a tiny minority. Yet we do exist – well, I think we exist.

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