Lawyers In Hell – Book Review Part One

Much to my delight I was given a pre-release copy of Lawyers in Hell to review. I was disappointed that certain lawyers who I’ve written about in the past were inexplicably left out, but one cannot have everything.

What one can have is a lot of fun.
Interview with the Devil

by Janet and Chris Morris is a cautionary tale about interviewing the most powerful force for evil, and how one shouldn’t try to allow one’s pride to override one’s common sense in the urge to get a story.
Tribe of Hell

by Janet Morris is about the native population of Hell, who regard lost souls, demons, devils, and Satan as interlopers. They act as hosts when visitors from the Heavens visit Hell, and such visitors are coming. It’s also about a lost soul, who knowing of the coming visitation, intends to try to appeal his sentence.
The Rapture Elevator

by Michael Armstrong is delightful little tale about another lost soul who intends to appeal his sentence, even though this is Hell, knowing that the rules are stacked against him.
Out of Court Settlement

by C.J. Cherryh deals with another side of the legal coin. What do you do if you want to avoid court at all costs? In this case you might just bring in the most brilliant legal mind of your era, even though your family and his were enemies in life. And if a few complications, like a Viet Cong raid on the rose gardens happen, well, it is Hell…
Revolutionary Justice

by Leo Champion is about justice of a sort. Assuming that you could have anything that could be considered justice in a place called Hell. William Walker argues with Che Guevara over who is in control of the revolution.
Tale of a Tail

by Nancy Asire starts with Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, KG, KP, GCB, GCH, PC, FRS, aka The Iron Duke, measuring his grass, much to the amusement of his old foe, and next door neighbor, the Emperor Napoleon, and Napoleon’s lover the Countess Marie Walewska. It then proceeds to go downhill from there. This is Hell after all 🙂
This Is Hell

I am about a third of my way through the book so far, and enjoying it immensely. I loved the original series, and the layoff appears to have given the writers time to think things over and to strengthen characterizations, and the background.

This is after all Hell. Happily ever after isn’t what you are going to get, and isn’t what you will get. The people who you’ll meet in Hell are not nice people.

Murderers, thieves, and scoundrels you should expect to meet. Saints are somewhere else.

The people in Hell are there for punishment. Which means that most of their attempts at doing anything will fail. Spectacularly. With extreme prejudice. Those that hated each other in life, will still hate each other. Back stabbing is an art form in hell.

I think that’s one of the reasons that I love this series. The level of conflict is amazing, even when there isn’t any violence. It’s like two cats having a stare down, both puffed up to three times normal size. Neither wants to fight. Neither is going to fight. But they both put on an act that makes it look like there will be blood all over the place, until they can back away gracefully.

I’m having a wonderful time reading Lawyers in Hell. Officially it’s on the shelves July 15, 2011, but I’ve heard that some online stores are taking orders already. Get your order in now. It’s a great book.

Heck, I’m going to break down and give it a FIVE star rating, I’m enjoying it that much.


Wayne Borean

Monday June 20, 2011


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