The Great White North


I’m on holiday this week, visiting my mother-in-law, the poet laureate of Temiskaming District. I’m also recuperating from fixing my computer, and other stuff. No, it didn’t include a hangover. I gave up drinking twenty-five years ago, and I have to admit I’m surprised that Molson’s Breweries didn’t go when I did.

In the meantime, watch the video. That’s where I am, though things are a bit more modern. We actually have internet service up here!

But it really doesn’t look like the north. There’s hardly any snow. I’ve come up here for years, and I can’t every remember a January with this little snow. I’ve been here in September, and been caught in a snow storm.

I’ll try to post pictures later today or tomorrow. Seriously. This is totally incredible. I’ve talked to some of the locals, and none of them can remember a January with this little snow.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday January 10, 2012


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