Ah, Now We Can’t Tell Vic Everything Anymore!

Vic Toews courtesy Wikipedia
Vic Toews courtesy Wikipedia

Vic Toews, MP for the riding of Provencher, has handed in his resignation both as Public Safety Minister, and as Member of Parliament.

There’s several ways to take this. Vic Toews says he wants to spend more time with his family. Some observers believe he is going to a job in the private sector. Others think that he’s worried about his ability to maintain his seat, because of his personal issues, which wouldn’t go down well with his constituents.

All three reasons could be true.

The life of any politician above the municipal level includes a lot of travel, and time away from loved ones. Vic Toews has served as both a Federal Member of Parliament, and a member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. Both positions would have meant a lot of time spent away from his rural home.

He could quite easily have a private sector job lined up.

While he was elected with over 70% of the votes cast in his riding, the riding is very conservative morally. Possibly issues in his private life are interfering with his ability to be re-elected.

We don’t know.

In one way I’ll be sad to see him go. While I didn’t think he was a very effective parliamentarian, he was a godsend to political bloggers!


Wayne Borean

Thursday September 5, 2013

PS: Yes, this was somewhat delayed. I was in the middle of publishing a book, and had to prioritize.


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